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To those who may be interested in my current experience with Iraq:


My name is Brent Disher, I have lived in Mt. Carroll, IL since 1992.  My parents moved my family there to enjoy the small town environment, and stay close to family.  I graduated from Mt. Carroll High School in the spring of 2004.  I completed two years at Loras College pursuing a BA in Marketing.  I joined the United States Army on July 27th 2006, and graduated AIT December 14th 2006 as a member of the Military Police Corps.  Making my way back to Loras, I managed to fit in one more semester before being called up for deployment.  This takes me to my present situation, of being deployed in Iraq. asked me to write back about my present situation and general experience.

Being over here right now is obviously nothing like the first few years of the war, so we “soldiers” have fewer worries than before.  Some people back home do not support the war that we are in right now, and they are entitled to their own opinion, however, it is my belief that one cannot make this judgment until being over here and actually seeing firsthand what it is really like.  We all know the steps that we have taken to get this far and I only hope that we can continue to help until Iraq can stand on its own two feet. 

When driving down the streets of Iraq you see many things, glimpses of the past, present, and the future.  Buildings missing walls or riddled with 50 cal. rounds show what we had to do to get a strong hold on the towns that had resisting forces and insurgents.  Another image that you will see is all of the people. 

People at markets getting their groceries, at the automotive shop getting their car fixed, 8 year old boys ridding donkeys down the street running errands for their parents, women dressed in black mourning the loss of their husband who could possibly have been an IP (Iraqi Police Officer) fighting with the U.S. forces to keep insurgents out of the cities.  But the most important ones are the kids.  Iraqi children are the future and will be the outcome for this country.  They are everywhere seeing everything that we do, and we can only hope that that generation grows up and sees the differences of the old life style and one of freedom.

I’d like to take this time now to say thanks to for giving me this opportunity to do this, and tell my family and friends I love and miss them and I’ll be home before you know it.


PFC Brent Disher

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